Onake Obavva

Obavva waited for her husband, a soldier at the Chitradurga fort (Karnataka), to come for lunch as he did everyday. The rocky fort didn’t see much action these days so he was completely down for a nice meal, smoke and perhaps a little nap. She served him some food and realized that they didn’t have any water so she quickly ran over to the nearby stream to fetch some.

While filling up water she heard some voices near the fort wall and saw a small crevice. Realizing the voices were of the enemies on the other side trying to crawl through the crack she quickly ran home and grabbed her Onake (masse- used for mashing rice).

1. Running start.

2. Full wind up – deep breath.

3. Solid clock in the head ..OUT!

“This is absolutely ridiculous”

She thought to herself…one soldier coming through, taking 5 minutes to squeeze through this and do what? Attack an entire fort by himself? As she pulled the enemy soldier out of the hole she heard someone else coming through. She realized that there could be an entire army now crawling through to assemble on the inside. She could hear that they had no idea their comrade was busted on the other side and continued to overhear their commands to send more in. Obavva anxiously anticipated another soldier to emerge and sure enough one by one soldiers came through only to meet face to face a wooden club. The sweet spot.

BODIES!This went on for about an hour. She didn’t really know how stupid these guys were on the other side but sure enough an enemy soldier came through sticking his fat head out every few minutes. This was literally a walk in the park for her, knowing that her napping husband was at home (she didn’t want to disturb him) and that she could do this all on her own, she kept going. Eventually her husband awoke and came to look for her with a few of his soldier friends. She had a nice pile of bodies stacked up and a grin on her face. She had single handedly held down the fort and prevented an attack from the troops of Hyder Ali. For her brave efforts the crack in the wall was named Onake Obavva a kindi; you really can’t ask for anything more when you save the day than a hole in the wall named after you.

Unfortunately for the fort, Hyder Ali acquired artillery and solid fuel rocket technology from Bombay through a Parsi hook-up and a short while later the fort of Chitradurga was captured once and for all.